Simple. Life. Solutions.

Top Shelf Home Organizing takes pride in helping people, families and households develop solutions to simplify and organize. We all have busy lives, clutter and limited time. Top Shelf Home Organizing looks to the source to create efficient, consistent and beautiful solutions. Getting organized and simplifying will save time, money, reduce stress and help you regain control.


Organizing is a process, not a destination. See how Top Shelf Home Organizing can help you.


Kitchens & Pantries

Maximize the functionality of your most used room, the kitchen. Take back your counter work area and dining table, declutter your cabinets, and strategize your pantry.


Is your basement a dumping ground? Is this where items go when you don’t want them in your house? Let’s declutter and properly store everything.

Kids' areas

Renew kids’ play areas to spark their interest and creativity again. A place for everything and everything in its place. Your kids will agree.


Designed to store items, closets can still be beautiful. Sort, purge and organize these storage areas of your home.

Home offices

Paperwork, electronic files, to do lists can be overwhelming. Organize paper and electronic files, consolidate to do lists and limit paper. You will be ready for tax time any time of the year.

Whole house

Your home will be peaceful and harmonious as we work together to organize and declutter your entire home. We will develop systems to maintain order.


Moving to a smaller home or just simplifying your life, Top Shelf Home Organizing will help assess what you need and what you don’t need to simplify and minimize.


Make room for your vehicles by organizing your garage workspace. Organize your tools, equipment and outdoor gear.

Move preparation

Are you planning to sell your house and move? Organizing, decluttering and staging will make your home more marketable. Purging unused items will make your move easier. Let’s plan an organized move.

Simple. Life. Solutions.