Part 2 of 3 by Laurel Schenkoske

It’s been about a week since my last post, and since my commitment to get my home office in working order in two weeks (by September 6th). If you remember, that meant creating a space of efficiency, which includes serenity and mindfulness.

In all aspects of life, things often have to get worse before they can get better. The same is true of physical space, and I certainly experienced it in my own office decluttering. A few of the smaller boxes I had stacked in a corner, I was able to make room for and arrange neatly in the closet. But three large boxes in the middle of the floor were very random – a result of last-minute packing from the old house – and had to be sorted piecemeal. I therefore emptied them of their contents, and spread it all out on the floor to better assess what I was dealing with. Doing this gave me a sense of what could be donated, what could be stored, and what needed a place in our home.


During this time, I did not attempt to do any kind of work that required concentration in the office. Even though I could have sat at the desk, with my back to the mess, it would have been nagging at me the whole time.

By now, much of the content seen in the picture has found a home. But even as I type this, I can hear the TV and a video from my husband’s phone. I get up to close the office door, and he walks in to ask what’s going on. The door had been open to begin with because one of the cats was howling to get in. Clearly, space and clutter are more than just elements of the tangible.

The physical office is starting to take shape. But as that develops, I need to work out a system to keep it mentally peaceful, as well.

Goal: Work-ready in 1 week.

By: Laurel Schenkoske

Laurel is a busy college instructor, Ph. D. student and wife.  She is also writer for Top Shelf Home Organizing.  Follow her as she discovers efficiencies in her own home, office and busy routine.