Whether you are a neat and tidy person or more of a free spirit, there are benefits to being organized. Educated as an engineer, I know I don’t know anything about the medical field. What I do know is how getting organized has health benefits. All of the busy people we have worked with have reported the following benefit of getting their homes and offices organized:

More Energy

Having clutter drains energy.  Stagnant energy builds up around clutter and causes tiredness and lethargy.

Improved Health

People with limited clutter look and feel better.  They are typically more active and have a fresh face.  Clutter congests your home and your body.

Reduced Depression

Stagnant energy surrounding clutter pulls you down.  Feelings of hopelessness can be relieved by clearing the clutter.  Clearing the clutter allows you to make room for something new and fresh.

When you are organized:
You’ll be able to relax more
You’ll have more time for yourself
You’ll have more time for your loved ones
You’ll feel good about your environment
You’ll be an even better role model
You’ll be healthier, as well as your family
You’ll breathe better
You’ll do better professionally
You’ll save more
You’ll achieve more

Organizing is a process, not a destination.  Top Shelf Home Organizing can help you on your journey. Let’s chat about how Top Shelf Home Organizing can help you feel the benefits of getting organized.

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We would love to put our talents to use making your home and office functional and organized. Let us know how we can help your space be the best it can be.