The warm weather is here and we have been thinking about organizing the garage. The patio furniture, lawn mower and bicycles need to be more accessible, and the snow shovels, sleds and road salt can be packed away. Organizing a garage can be a daunting task but breaking it down into smaller steps can make the process more manageable. We share six steps to organizing your garage:

1. Declutter

The first step is to sort through all the items in your garage and decide what to keep, donate, sell, or throw away. You may want to categorize items into piles based on their function or purpose.

2. Clean and prepare

Before you begin organizing, it is essential to clean the garage thoroughly. Sweep the floors, wipe down shelves and cabinets, and dust off any cobwebs. Make any necessary repairs, such as fixing broken shelves or repairing damaged walls. It is ideal to completely empty a space to thoroughly clean it.

3. Group by Category

Sort the items you have decided to keep into categories such as sports equipment, gardening tools, automotive supplies, etc. Grouping similar items together will make it easier to find what you need.

4. Storage solutions

Based on the items you have and the space available, decide on the type of storage solutions you need. Consider using shelves, cabinets, pegboards, or hooks to maximize space and keep items organized. Clear bins are helpful for finding and putting away items.

5. Label and arrange

Once you have your storage solutions in place, label each container or shelf so that you know what goes where. Arrange your items by category or frequency of use, with frequently used items easily accessible.

6. Maintain

Maintaining an organized garage requires ongoing effort. Regularly assess whether items are still needed and adjust your storage solutions as needed. Try to put things back in their designated spots after use, so they don’t accumulate and clutter the space again.

At Top Shelf Home Organizing, we take pride in our ability to organize garages to make them the best use of space for you and your vehicles. If getting your garage summer-ready is overwhelming, please reach out to Jayme for a consultation.

This article was written in collaboration with our newest organizing expert, Open A. I.